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Zoom Mod APK – Download Zoom Premium APK

Zoom is the most widely used app to host video call meetings worldwide. Almost every education institution, business, government sector, and other department uses Zoom for remote sessions. Even its demand has increased after Covid-19 due to the rise of online classes and remote jobs. Further, Many organizations are connected with their employees via a zoom app for their business meetings. 

Because Zoom offers a ton of unbeatable features that makes it a stand-alone app for all your virtual video conference needs, with the help of zoom’s versatile tools, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions can get high communication experience in real-time.

 Although zoom is free to use, the free version has some limitations. Also, it offers three paid plans to avail premium features; they’re expensive to produce for an individual, like a pro plan in 150$, a business plan in 199$, and an enterprise 240$. 

However, there is another way to get all premium features freely using the zoom mod apk version. So, download the modified zoom apk to get all the real benefits of zoom locked in the free version. 

What is a Zoom app?

Zoom is a video, audio, text messaging and multimedia digital communication service developed and founded by Eric Yuan in 2011. It has been downloaded 500M+ times on the google play store and has 4.4 ratings. 

Top Features in Zoom

Zoom is the most versatile and features a rich video calling application. So, it is difficult to mention all of its features, but here are some most notable features of Zoom. 

Quality Video and Audio Calling

There are plenty of video and audio calling services like whats app, Discord, Facebook messenger, skype, and google meets, but no one is better than Zoom. One of the critical things about Zoom that makes it a quality communication service, among others, is its video and audio calling quality.

There are plenty of video and audio calling services like whats app, Discord, Facebook messenger, skype, and google meets, but no one is better than Zoom. One of the critical things about Zoom that makes it a quality communication service, among others, is its video and audio calling quality.

 Zoom supports up to 1080p video calling quality, much higher than google meet, which supports up to 720p video. Thus, the majority of users mostly prefer zoom for their video conferencing. 

Furthermore, zoom has many features to make video calling more secure and enjoyable, such as virtual background, a filter to make the footage brighter, and the option to integrate with video games. 

Virtual background features are my favorite that secure my privacy. I usually prefer to change my background while on a live video call with people to ensure my privacy. 

And the video filtering feature is outstanding in making video calls more clear in low light conditions or if you have a poor-quality camera. Although it also has Touch Up My Appearance feature that works like a beauty camera to make your face more apparent and more beautiful, it is not available on android devices, only on apple mobile devices and Windows operating system. 

Screen Sharing

I have been teaching students for the last three years on zoom, and screen sharing is my favorite feature of this multimedia communication app. Although all popular video conferencing services have this feature, such as Skype and Google meet, I like zoom for screen sharing, which allows custom sharing and gives complete control to share specific opened windows of the device. But sometimes, beginners struggle to find this option which means it is complex for newbies, unlike skype, which has a beginner-friendly interface. 

Real-Time Chatting

Zoom is not only a video and audio calling service; it also allows you to send and receive instant text messages. The most notable feature of the new chat space is zoom, similar to other text messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, zoom allows conversion in public groups and enables the option to chat privately. 

Option to Make Meeting Public or Private

Zoom mod apk version has many flexible features that give complete control to have everything in hand. For example, it allows public or private meetings; anyone can join general discussions with a meeting link, while private sessions will not be accessible without host permission. Furthermore, the host can add, remove and mute anyone in a meeting. 

Automatic Screen Recording

There is no need to have 3rd party software to record host meetings because zoom has a built-in tool. And this feature is available on free and paid plans for desktop devices, but you have to pay for it to enable it on mobile devices.

Because free automatic recording is not supported on mobile apps, the zoom automatically starts recording the video when you start meeting. Still, on a free plan, it will only record a 40minutes meeting but using the zoom mod apk, you can record up to 30 hours, plus it supports integration to store recording on cloud storage. 

Clean and User-friendly Interface

Zoom’s primary goal is to provide a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface to use apps more comfortably. All essential features are available on the main dashboard and are easy to navigate. 

And there is no clutter on the interface. When you launch the app, there are four different buttons: new meeting, join schedule, and screen sharing. Each option is itself descriptive that defines its purpose. Just click on the required option to start an action. 

Support to Share any Media File

Zoom magic is not limited to audio, video, and text messages. It is a powerful and versatile application to send and receive any media file such as video, dock file, pdf, or excel file. Apart from this, zoom lets you choose files from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Microsoft, and google drive. 

Work on slow Internet

Slow internet is a major big issue in underdeveloped countries, but the good news is that still, you can use zoom apps even if you have a slow internet connection. 

What you’ll Get in the MOD APK Version of Zoom?

Mod apk version provides all premium features that are not available in the free plan. Some of them are the following.

  • Solid security
  • Support for Social media streaming
  • Up to 1000 participant
  • Meeting up to 30 hours
  • 1GB cloud recording
  • Company branding


How do I install the Zoom mod APK?

Installing the mod version is simple; you have to follow some steps. 
First, download the zoom mod apk from the given link.
After downloading the file, click on it to install
The next step will ask permission to install files from unknown resources; don’t worry, the file is 100% secure and virus-free. 
Now the app will start installing on your mobile, taking seconds. 
Now find the installed app on your mobile with the name “Zoom cloud meeting.” 

How do I get a free Zoom Pro account?

No need to get a zoom pro account; the mod apk file is already activated for premium features. 

Who runs Zoom?

Eric Yuan is the CEO of zoom, which runs this video streaming app. 

Is Zoom a Chinese app?

 Even though the CEO of zoom and many developers handling the zoom app are from china, it is still American video communication technology, and its headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, USA.

How does Zoom make money?

The fact is that zoom is a subscription-based paid video communication service that offers three different premium plans to get revenue from the service. Also, it gets revenue from ads on the free version. 

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