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Rooter MOD APK v6.3.9.2 – Download Rooter App with Unlimited Coins

If you enjoy playing games, watching game streams, and even want to earn some quick cash by playing games, then the Rooter app should be your top priority. This app is perfect for you if you play games on a daily or regular basis.

With the help of the modified version, you can unlock all of Rooter’s features. Rooter Mod APK gives you unlimited coins and money, as well as support for streaming in HD. Additionally, this version is ad-free, so you can use the app without interruptions from ads.

App NameRooter
DeveloperRooter Sports
OS requiredAndroid 5.0+
Total Download on Playstore10M+
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins, no ad, HD Streaming

Why Rooter is the Best Gaming Platform?

While there are other platforms like YouTube and Facebook where you can play games and stream them, the Rooter Mod APK offers unique features that make it stand out as a gaming platform.

With thousands of gamers already using this platform, you’ll be joining a large gaming community on Rooter.

This means that you can quickly gain followers and even get more subscribers for your YouTube channel or Facebook fan page. In short, Rooter provides an opportunity to expand your reach and connect with like-minded gamers.

Top Features of Rooter 

rooter app unlimited coins

This game provides many top features that make it the best among other streaming games. Some notable features are the following:

Live to stream 

Rooter allows you to watch streaming games worldwide; for example, you can watch your favorite games, including PUBG, League of legends, Minecart, and many more.

Although, there are some better streaming options like YouTube games and twitch. But with the help of Rooter, you can watch all videos on a single app. Additionally, app support goes live while you play games to earn money and get followers. 

rooter mod apk living streaming

User-friendly Interface

The UI and UX of Rooter are much more user-friendly and easy to use compared to other apps that may seem a little complex for beginners.

You can start your streaming by simply turning on your mobile camera and going live. Additionally, the interface is much easier to navigate for gaming. Personally, I really like its interface.

rooter mod apk interface

Support Full HD Video

I like twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Discord apps, and other social media streaming sites because they support high graphics. Similarly, the Rooter supports up to 1080p video. So, you can watch live videos in full resolution.

watching live streaming on rooter

Support Live Audio Communication.

The real enjoyment of playing video games comes when you join audio and video calls with your teammates. The good news is that Rooter also supports joining audio and video calls with your friends. 

rooter mod apk audio streaming

Opportunity to Earn Real Money

You read it correctly; like Winzo Gold Mod APK, Rooter also provides a real opportunity to earn money. Earning the concept with Rooter is straightforward; there are several ways to get cash from the app.

For instance, the app provides 300 coins rewards on sign-ups and 200 coins by inviting each friend.

Likewise, there are some other simple ways to earn coins by just watching videos and going for live streaming. 

Additionally, you can participate in special events to get more prizes and then, you can convert earned points into real money and withdraw cash from Paytm. The minimum withdrawal limit is very low, just 25 rupees.

earn coins

Multi-language Support

Maybe you think the app only supports Hindi or English since it is an Indian app. Then you’re thinking wrong, the app supports multiple languages, and you can set up an interface in your preferred language like English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada etc.

Multi-language Support

What you’ll get in Rooter Mod APK

Unlimited coins and money

Although this app is freely available on the play store, you have to upgrade for premium features. But if you’re using rooter mod APK, there is no need for a paid option.

Because this version gives unlimited coins and money such as other modified gives like Global city mod APK, Total Conquest Mod APK, and new gangster crime mod APK to get anything that asks for cash to get a premium feature.

Start Live Video Games Streaming on a Different Channel

Rooter’s free apk version allows you to start live streaming, but if you want to share your live streaming on other social media networks, you have to pay for it.

But this rooter app mod apk gives this feature unlocked without paying a thing. Thus, you can share your live streaming on another gaming platform for more reach. 

No ads

No need to wait for the end of ads to keep using the game because this modified version is ads-free. In this case, there will not be any ads that usually appear in the free version while using the application.

My personal experience with Rooter MOD APK

Since switching to the Rooter MOD APK version, my experience with the app has been significantly improved. The UI/UX is more intuitive, and bypassing certain restrictions has allowed me to access premium features and more content in this rooter mod apk version.

Also, live streaming is easy and glitch-free, and the app is more stable and reliable, with fewer crashes and errors. Overall, Rooter MOD APK has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their experience with the app

What is the Rooter app?

Rooter is live streaming and video-playing game developed by an Indian developer.  This app gives a platform to play and watch video games and provides features to go live.

What is the Rooter mod apk version?

Apk is a modified version of the rooter app that gives locked features unavailable in the free version.

Is the Rooter app safe to use?

The success of this game itself describes whether it is safe or not. Currently, the game has 1M+ downloads with a 4.0 rating, which means millions of Indian users already trusted the app, and they’re using it without any security risk. 

Is Rooter mod genuine?

Yes, the Rooter app is a legit game to play and earn some quick money just by playing games. 


Rooter is an excellent app for those users who like to watch live-streaming games or want to go live. Additionally, this app provides an excellent opportunity to earn some money by performing some simple tasks.

But this is paid, providing only limited features in free versions, but the rooter mod apk gives locked features. So if you want to join a large gaming community and are looking for a way to earn some money, then Rooter is the best place to start. 

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