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Discord Mod APK – Get Discord 126.19v with Unlimited Nitro

Are you bored using social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter and want to explore new social media sites without distraction, especially those that will not ban your account?

Also, other social media platforms are no longer safe these days regarding privacy policies that usually track your behavior on devices. And then they sell your data to big brands. As a result, you get a lot of unwanted ads on your social media news feeds.

To get rid of all of these, discord nitro APK is what you need because it is a more secure and private focus social media site for those who like to have a safe, private online community.

Furthermore, this mod file provides all premium features like a fast server, custom profile, and support to upload large files and high-resolution videos.

Need to mention, some people like me don’t like crowded social sites with millions of users. So, discord nitro is the best social network to build your private community instead of joining such overcrowded platforms.

App NameDiscord
PublisherDiscord Inc.
Latest Versionv126.19
Total Download100M+
Supporting OSAvailable for Android, IOS & Window
MOD Features Fast server, custom emoji,
support to upload big files

Overview of Discord Nitro and How it Works?

discord mod apk interface

Discord is an online social media site launched in back 2015 by Discord Inc., And it works similarly to other social platforms. But it offers a more private communication network for video and audio calling to get a real personal experience. 

At the start, it was just a tiny chatting software, but now it has become a complete social network for those who like to share their common interests with people. Although in some ways, it looks similar to the Zoom app, it has more flexible features.

For example, you can create a business, gaming, social community, or study group with your college friends to talk secretly with them. 

community in discord

Especially, Discord nitro was created for gamers to build an online community for gaming-minded people. So it will be a plus advantage for gamers because this network like Rooter Mod APK has a lot of gaming groups.

But, this is not only limited to gamers; there are a lot of other community groups with exciting topics like culture, music, arts, and a lot more. Even there are some dating groups to find your partners.

Besides these features, there are other enjoyable things on Discord, like streaming live videos, listening to music with your friend’s circle, and playing games with the online community. 

Furthermore, the app allows you to send and receive digital media files, including images, videos, and text. In other words, this is one solution for all your social needs, including entertainment, gaming, dating, fun, and video communication. 

 So, you need to have a device and internet connection to boom on Discord.

What is Discord Mod APK?

what is discord

Even though this social network has a lot of benefits, it is not free like Facebook and Twitter. You need to pay real money to get locked features to enjoy all of its benefits.

But no need to pay anything to unlock premium nitro because like Winzo Mod APK the discord APK mod provides all of these locked features free of cost. Just download the app and enjoy the discord premium APK.

Features of Discord Nitro?

2-factor Authentication Feature to a Safe Account

This is a convenient feature to protect the online account from hacking. And this factor is a must to look at when creating an online account on any platform, which provides an extra security layer to protect your confidential data.

 Although, all most all social media sites provide excellent security to keep users’ data safe and secure. But still, there are some security flaws on each social network that allows the hacker to break security easily.

 Users’ mistakes sometimes provide the gateway for the hacker to access their accounts, such as phishing, weak password, etc. Therefore, a 2-factor authentication is a great security feature to deal with all of these creeps. 

When you enable this feature, your account will become highly secure, and no one can access an account, even authentically knowing the account’s password. Because if this feature is enabled, it will ask to enter a secret code. 

But keep in mind that this option is not enabled on Discord by default, and you’ve to enable 2-factor authentication.

Support for Multimedia

Discord supports almost all digital media files to send and receive with your community circle, including text, videos, and audio.

searching community in discord

Great user-interface

The real success behind every social media site is its excellent interface. Because a user-friendly interface can make and bad can break the site.

In terms of a user-friendly interface, Discord is not a complicated app. Each option is easy to useable. And I did not find any clutter on the app that could lead to a bad user experience. 

The Choice to Join or Create your Personnel Server

If you have already used other social sites like Facebook and Reddit, you’re already familiar with the group’s features.

Discord mod APK allows you to create chat groups for friends and other types of community groups also. You can also personalize or set privacy for specific members.   

creating personal server in discord mod apk

Desktop and Mobile 

Discord is not only limited to mobile versions. It supports desktop and mobile apps, and you can use each for your reasons.

A particular application depends on the specific time and needs; sometimes, It will be great to use the desktop version to send large files and text to someone because it is easier to do one desktop version.


One of the worst things I hate about social sites, especially Facebook, is their ban account policy. And worst scenario is when they ban accounts without any solid reason.

Undoubtedly, each platform should have the right to ban users’ accounts, violating their terms and conditions. But some social networks have become more privileged, banning accounts without any logical reason.

 However, the real legacy of the discord mod APK is its anti-ban policy. Yes, this social media site does not have any approach to ban accounts. And officially, Discord guarantees that they’ll not ban your account. 

Features that are Unlocked in the Discord Mod APK

For your information, Discord offered two plans, Nitro and Nitro classic. Nitro is free that provides all essential features but to get a premium option, you have to pay for Nitro classic, which costs around 9.99$ per month or 99.99$ per year.

However, this discord nitro mod APK provides all paid features free of cost, download the app and enjoy unlimited nitro.

Premium Features in Discord Mod Apk 

This modified APK offered the following essential things in the app.

Fast Server

Slow server response time is the most annoying thing in the online world. And of course, no one likes to use slow sites, especially when doing something that requires fast speed, such as playing online games.

Although a discord-free account also offers a good pace, with the mod APK version, you’ll get 2 times ultra-fast server speed. 

Personal Profile

Discord nitro’s classic version offer to customize users’ profile to make them more attractive and optimized for better search appearance. 

Better Emoji

Emoji is the most widely used thing on social media, making text communication more fun able and attractive. And with the help of discord APK mod, you’ll get unlimited beautiful emoji that makes communication more engaging. 

Support to Upload Large Files

Discord allows you to upload any digital media file, but the free version only allows you to upload a maximum of 8MB file on their server at a time.

But nitro classic will enable you to upload more than 100MB size images, video, audio, and document file.

voice control in discord

High-quality Videos

Watching low-resolution videos on Discord on a free plan is dull,  but the nitro classic version supports HD video. With a mod APK file, you can watch videos and live stream and share in high resolution. 


Discord is a great secure online social media site that offers a number of good benefits to make communication secure. And it supports live video streaming, audio calling, and text messaging.

One of the great things I like about Discord is its anti-ban policy. Some premium features of discord nitro APK are HD Video, better emoji, max 100MB file uploading support, two times faster server, and a personalized user profile.  

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