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Download ALT Balaji Mod APK & Get Unlimited Time and Gold

Each one likes to watch movies, dramas, web series, news, and various genres on their favorite network channel. But what if you can manage everything on a single platform? Yea, this is possible with the help of the alt Balaji mod APK.

You can watch your favorite web series on this App and explore different cultures and languages. In other words, a single source of entertainment to enjoy your favorite things.

Even though alt Balaji is a paid application and only gives a seven-day free trial to view all these genres,
the alt Balaji mod version provides complete access to a premium account without paying anything.

So don’t wait for anything or try any other fake method to get a premium account. Download this premium mod APK and get into the entertainment world without paying a single penny.

App NameALT Balaji
FounderEkta Kapoor
Supported forAndroid
Total Download10M+

What is alt balaji app?

alt Balaji mod apk

Alt Balaji is an online Indian streaming app launched on 6 April 2017; the App provides premium service to watch unlimited entertainment content.

Currently, this App has more than three crores, and 40 lakh users using its paid service. Also, it offers a 7days free trial, which is enough for testing if you’re using it for the first time.

Overall, this is the most versatile entertainment app with many user-friendly features and allows you to set settings in your way. For example, the App will enable you to customize your preference screen in any position.

Furthermore, this App has a resume feature, which means you close it suddenly without any reason while watching some movies on the App. Next time, it will start from there; no need to forward to the go point.

What is ALT Balaji Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the App that provides premium features, only available with a paid account. With the help of this file, you don’t have to pay for any paid subscription.

alt balaji premium mod apk

Top Features of

Watch All Episodes without Any Limit

Some apps impose limits on streaming data, but Alt Balaji does not come with any restrictions. You can stream unlimited data without the fear of overages. In other words, you can watch your favorite web series, programs, and any other entertaining content.

View on Multiple Devices

In a family, each one has its interest; some like to watch the news, some like to watch drama, and some are interested in watching movies. But, it is only possible to watch all things on one account at once when the App supports this feature.

Therefore, almost all streaming apps like Netflix and HBO allow you to use a single account on multiple devices.

Similarly, the alt Balaji premium account supports simultaneously using one account on various screens. But this option will only be available when you pay for a paid account; the modified version will only work on a single device.

New Shows are Added Every Month

Alt Balaji premium account has a lot of valuable data to watch, and they add tons of new shows each month. So, why are you missing those shows? Go and get the alt Balaji mod APK version.

Option to Download Videos to Watch in Offline Mode

A high-speed internet connection is required to stream your favorite episodes without interruption, but what if you don’t have a fast net connection?

Similarly, there are some other scenarios where you don’t have all-time internet access. So, to solve such problems, the alt Balaji APK allows downloading videos to watch offline.

And even though there is no need to install any 3rd party app for downloading videos, the App will enable you to download them directly.

Unlimited Access and Full HD Streaming

No one likes to watch videos in low resolution. Differently, the high-quality resolution gives a clear view of what you’re watching online. But, some apps do not support playing video in HD format.

On the other hand, the alt Balaji mod APK allows you to watch your favorite show, drama, movie, or series in different formats, including 3GP, mp4, HD, and even extra HD.

alt balaji apk

What is ALTBalaji famous for?

The App is famous for its quality streaming online service that offers a lot of entertainment data to watch

How do you get ALTBalaji for free?

With the help of the mod apk, you can use ALTBalaji freely without paying a single penny.

Is ALTBalaji free of cost?

No, the App is a paid subscription-based service that only provides a seven days free trial account.

Is ALTBalaji free on MX player?

You can watch alt Balaji videos on MX player, but you’ve to pay. Furthermore, by default, it does not support playing video on an MX player; to play on this video player, you must manually configure it.

Is ALT Balaji banned in India?

The App is not banned in India, but more people are demanding to ban ALTBalaji because it offers illegal adult content.

Is it an Indian app?

Yes, it is an Indian-based online streaming app.

Which is the hottest Web series in ALTBalaji?

Many web series are top-rated and worth watching, like Barish, Code M, Mentalhood, and many more.

Is ALTBalaji free for Airtel?

Yes, both apps collaborated. That means you can watch ALTBalaji on Airtel freely.

What is the ALTBalaji subscription price?

ALTBalaji is offering very cheap premium packages. It has three different plans, including a 2-month plan for 100 rupees, a 200 rupees package for six months, and a 6-month package for 600 rupees.

Is the ALTBalaji subscription safe?

Yes, it is safe to use.

Does ALTBalaji require a subscription?

Yes, it is a premium online streaming subscription.


ALT Balaji Mod APK is a popular platform for watching various web series, TV shows, movies, and other forms of digital content. With its vast library of engaging and entertaining programs, ALT Balaji has become a favorite among viewers worldwide.

One of the best features of the ALT Balaji Mod APK is that it allows users to watch everything on the platform for free. This means that users can enjoy unlimited access to all of their favorite content without having to pay for a subscription or deal with any annoying ads.

Furthermore, the ALT Balaji Mod APK is easy to use and navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages and technical abilities. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that users can find and stream their preferred programs quickly and easily.

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